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2024 Music Lineup

This Year's Theme

American Love. British Beats.

Experience the legendary music of Britain's greatest performers of all time.

The Happy Face Music Festival 2024!

Britains Finest

The Beatles

This group crossed Abbey Road without shoes, serenaded us with 'Hey Jude,' and convinced us all we needed was love. If they were insects, they'd probably be the most harmonious quartet in the garden.

Kenny Metcalf as Elton

Elton John

A piano wizard adorned in dazzling sequins, who took us on a 'Rocket Man' journey to the stars and serenaded 'Tiny Dancer' with flair. His melodies can turn a 'Candle in the Wind' into an eternal flame.

Led Zepagain

Led Zeppelin

Imagine a band that climbed 'Stairways to Heaven' with a 'Whole Lotta Love,' weaving rock and mysticism, their music as heavy as their name suggests. They crafted epics, not just songs, and left us dazed and confused with their thunderous sound.

Jumping Jack Flash

The Rolling Stones

A group that's been 'Gathering Moss' for decades, yet still 'Paints It Black' with the energy of youth. They gave us 'Satisfaction' but always left us wanting more, embodying rock 'n' roll's timeless rebel spirit.

???: Surprise guest appearance

Merging the joy of age-old customs with the allure of a cinematic production. Masters of this 200 year old European tradition and grand spectacle. Scheduled to perform one song for the world to see, who is this band and what annual event brings them to Happy Face?