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Happy Face

The Happy Face Music Festival

May 25, 2024 - Simi Valley, California


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Happy Face Music Festival

Simi Valley, CA - May 25

Welcome to the Happy Face Music Festival!

Imagine a place where joy lights up the sky, music fills the air, and every moment shines with the promise of summer. This isn't just any festival; it's a journey into happiness, kicking off the summer season in Simi Valley with a bang.

Join us for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend at the gorgeous Rancho Santa Susana Community Park. We're talking sun-kissed days, cool tunes, and vibes so good you'll never want to leave. Happy Face is where smiles grow bigger, laughs get louder, and everyone feels like family. It's a full-on celebration of fun, music, and togetherness that's perfect for all ages.

Mark your calendars, rally your crew, and dive into a sea of sounds, surprises, and magic moments. No matter if you're a local or coming from miles away, this festival is a heart-thumping, soul-soothing bash that transcends tunes. Let's paint our memories in vibrant colors and create stories that we'll share for years to come.

So, are you ready to let loose, laugh a lot, and live out loud? Join us this Memorial Day weekend at the Happy Face Music Festival. Let your smile lead the way to the best summer kickoff ever!